‘So… In the past, I mostly had jobs I didn’t like. I bet I’m not the only one.

For example; I washed dishes in several restaurant, worked at fabrics as a production assistant and I also worked at a call centre as a call agent. These jobs weren’t challenging enough and it seemed that I didn’t have enough confidence in my work. I think that’s because I didn’t liked the proceedings, so eventually, my job made me unhappy. The REAL reason why I worked at all these places was to save some money so I could invest in my first music album, because I was passionate about making music and not about work I didn’t like to do…

At a certain point, I made a riskfull decision and quited my job to start my own company, ‘Greek Gospel’. As an entertainer I wanted to create beautiful things with my friends and other amazing people. So we started to deliver hiphop workshops, rap masterclasses, lessons in life skills, we did live performances, made music videos and released cool music.

Nowadays I feel blessed. That’s because youngsters approach me and say that I inspire them to finish their school, because of my story. One of my students, ’Bilal’, even calls me ’Papa’. That is very special, because Bilal doesn’t have a dad, so I feel that I’ve got an obligation towards him. And not only to Bilal, but to all my students; I want to lead them into the right direction with truthness, knowledge, life skills, rhymes and beats. Soon as you find your passion (or your passion finds you) you should do what you really like to do, because doing what you like to do is pure, makes you feel secure and I believe it leads to positive results in life.’

Georgios Lazakis