School Of HeART Knocks

After many years of making music and teaching we started our own school. ‘We’ = me and my friends.

School Of HeART Knocks is the educative platform where your heart finds the right rhythm to knock. Participants of our school learn to do more with their passion and do less with the the things they don’t like. We use music, sports and health to achieve personal success. And personal success is the purpose of our school. At our sustainable, green school young people receive daily lessons from inspiring role models instead of teachers. Think of actors, musicians, sports man, rappers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Our motto is: Music + Sports + Health – teachers + role models = School Of HeART Knocks.

We focus on young, creative adults, between 18 and 30 years old, without any training or job, or just young people who have the ambition, but not the knowledge, to become an entrepreneur. We believe that we can reduce unemployement, social welfare and help youngsters back to school. So our goal is to help at least 50% of all participants finding 1) a job (part-time or full-time), 2) training and/or helping them to find the right education, or 3) become an entrepreneur (using your strenghts as a business) or a combination of the aforementioned. Also, in this project, we involve the local area to work with local companies, freelancers, schools, institutions etc.

We also got nominated for the TEDxAmsterdam Award 2015 with this idea. Unfortunately the award didn’t go to us, but it’s a great acknowledgment that we have an idea worth doing.

In 2016 we started School Of Heart Knocks and Georgios Lazakis spoke about it @ TEDxArnhem.